Google and Disney’s Mandalorian AR experience

Both companies are teaming up for this experience. 

For a new AR experience, Google and Disney have collaborated, featuring The Mandalorian, where Baby Yoda is also included. The interaction of Players and the AR characters can be easily, and using the app for sharing scenes can also be captured. As per a blog post by the head of creative and AR partnerships at Google, Matthieu Lorrain, the Mandalorian AR experience keeps you in the shoes of a bounty hunter following the path of Mando himself, The Child, and Din Djarin.

Google has worked and collaborated with Lucasfilm and Disney to create animations and models dependent on the first season of the hit Disney Plus show. On a weekly basis, New episodes of the experience will be released to the application, however, so it’s probably Season 2 will before long be part of the experience.

One big caveat: while you don’t need a 5G connection to use the app, The Mandalorian AR experience on viable 5G Android devices is supported that have the AR feature’s Google Play Services. Google stated that soon, it might come to some other Android devices.

The application is based on ARCore, Google’s developer platform for creating expanded reality experiences, and included its ARCore Depth API. This API enables occlusion when in any scene, other real objects blocked an AR object – helpful in case the Mandalorian jetpacks in and your cat walks around the scene.

It’s not the only time when Google has made a Star Wars-themed AR experience. Back in 2017, for Pixel 2, Google presented AR Stickers, which included stormtroopers BB-8, R2-D2, and porgs.

From the Google Play Store, one can download The Mandalorian AR Experience without paying anything.

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