Microsoft 365 Features and Plans will let you discover Microsoft’s abstract universe with the availability of the application bundle consisting of Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Skype, including the lesser-known Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, Publisher, and many more. This is the office suite that is best in integrated operations. Features

Microsoft Office suite is known to offer plenty of handy features to make you perform efficiently and excel in your tasks with effective presentations. Some of the features of Microsoft 365 include the following:

  • Microsoft 365 provides a Power Map in Excel that offers you a potential visualization with the interactive features. It has been improved with Microsoft Power BI, allowing the analyzing, envisaging, and sharing of data insights. It also enables you to convert the data in the row into the interactive 3D map that automatically filters your data using three different filters, List, Range, or Advanced, inbuilt in the
  • Writing an email using the Outlook web app, you can directly insert a link to any file saved on your cloud storage. Rather than attaching it to email. Moreover, with Outlook, the email recipient can even edit the document you have shared. Also, you can change permissions on the document as per your convenience.
  • One eminent feature offered in Office 365 is the project management ability with the Microsoft Planner that lets you create work overflows for your projects and assign tasks to people. Having the allotted work done, the employee ticks to show that he finished the task, and then the task gets automatically allotted to another employee who needs to work on it next. This gets possible through an inbuilt feature of Microsoft Planner. You can set the reminders, to-dos, and due dates in the calendar the tasks get time-bound. Meanwhile, the dashboard section lets the assignee monitor the timeframes and task execution by the employees.
  • It offers you real-time collaboration through co-authoring where two authors working online in collaboration can notice the changes made in the writing pieces in MS Word. You need to save your Word file to OneDrive or SharePoint for collaborative working by two or more people. The file can directly be shared from the application itself through the integrated sidebar.
  • Another feature includes the ability to chat with your coworkers in the Office apps. This can be done using Microsoft Team’s in-app integration in Microsoft 365. These features can be used for chatting, screen sharing and have audio as well as video conversations.
  • With Office 365, you can download and install the new Lync 2010 client. Lync 2010, an IM client similar to Window Live Messenger, allows you to hold online meetings. It is renowned for having the best PC-to-PC audio and video connections and is installed on your desktop.
  • You can even get your email inboxes decluttered and update them using a Clutter feature offered by Microsoft 365. With this feature, your inbox activities are analyzed automatically, and the inbox rearranges itself with the high-priority messages at the top. The unimportant emails are themselves moved to the Clutter folder, which lets you glance at them at a convenient time.
  • A feature called Microsoft MyAnalytics enables you to monitor and observe your working capacity. The feature captures your work activities in a detailed log and checks on improvement requirements. Also, you are provided with tools to increase your work efficiency based on your work time.
  • The Resume Reading feature in Microsoft 365 allows you to start reading a document from the very point you left last time, irrespective of the type of device. It automatically bookmarks the last reading space for a convenient next reading session in an organized way.
  • Another app named Microsoft Sway is a way for you to update your presentations with professional digital storytelling capacities to express interactive ideas for Plans Plans for Home

  • Microsoft 365 plans for the home are best suited for families and individuals and can be availed by up to 6 people. It comes with 6 TB Cloud Storage, 1 TB for each individual availing of the service.
  • It is also available in the form of a mobile app along with the Premium safety features. In order to use it on your smartphone, you can only buy Microsoft 365 Personal for individual purchases.
  • To get the plan for your Windows OS PC, check out for activation. Plans for Business

  • Microsoft 365 has been designed for the small as well as large businesses. Microsoft 365 for Business is available with four planes namely Basic, Standard, Premium, and Apps for Business.
  • When you subscribe to Plans for Business you receive subscription offers like secure cloud storage, business emails, cyber security, collaboration tools and Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and so on.
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