SAi Launches Flexi MUTCD Collection

SA International (SAi), the main supplier of programming answers for the sign making, advanced printing, material, and CNC machining enterprises, has today reported the dispatch of the SAi Flexi MUTCD Collection for traffic signage creation and printing.

SAi recently announced that the company would launch items for traffic signage creation and printing. In addition, it will soon release the SAi Flexi MUTCD Collection.    

SAi or SA International provides global software solutions for digital printing, sign making, CNC machining, and textile industries. MUTCD SHS specifications are with pre-set colors. In addition, collections have the sign of correct typefacest, letter height and inter-character spacing, and more.

The most comprehensive Traffic Asset Collection is SAi Flexi MUTCD, which gives users graphic assets required to make roadway signs. These signs are conforming to Govt and industry-mandated sign standards.

This asset collection is available through a digital download that adds warning signs, regulatory signs, recreational, temporary traffic control signs, pedestrian, cultural area signs, school signs, and more.     

Also, the good news is that all the collection is supportable with your SAi Flexi software.  

The file format is in a native Flexi (.FS), and this format is easy to edit, and one can easily be sent into production with only a couple of clicks.

What are additional features included in Flexi MUTCD Collection?  

  1. All typefaces conform to FHWA specifications
  2. Complete Clearview Series Font Collection
  3. Complete FHWA Series 2000 Edition Font Collection
  4. Bézier curves
  5. Artwork layers
  6. Sign colors conform to FHWA specifications

In North America, the SAi Flexi MUTCD Collection is available for $1,950, and one can get it through the SAi sales department or contact at [email protected]