How to deal with “Something Went Wrong” error in Microsoft Office
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Microsoft Office Suite is the most vital requirement for every device. Not only the PCs and laptops, but Microsoft has also taken over most smartphone apps, replacing them as an essential addition to all Android and iOS devices. In such a case, even a small error message displayed in any of the Office apps becomes a matter of restlessness to most users as the daily tasks these days usually involve the MS Office apps as the inevitable utility.

Often, on opening Microsoft Office application, the app doesn’t open and a text is displayed on the screen with the message “Something Went Wrong.” In this case, you can take the measures mentioned below.

Something Went Wrong error troubleshooting

If you ever happen to get the “Something Went Wrong” error message on opening your MS Office app, you can consider the following methods to deal with the error:

Method 1: Restart your device.

The error may have resulted from your PC’s background processing. The simplest way to deal with an error in any of your devices, software, or applications is to restart your device. In this case, you can restart the device, reopen the Microsoft account by signing it back in, and launching the app for a fresh start.

If this doesn’t work try Method 2 mentioned below.

Method 2: Open Control Panel on Windows to repair Office

You can do this by using the following ways:

Step 1:

  • For Windows 10: Firstly, right-click on the Start button on your desktop and click on Apps and Features. A list gets opened up. From the list, select the Office program that you want to fix and then click on Modify.
  • For Windows7/8/8.1: Right-click on the Start button on your desktop and click on Control Panel. Open Programs and then click to uninstall the program. Now, in the available list, right-click on the Office program you are looking forward to fixing, and then click to select Change.

Step 2:

For Windows 10, 8/8,1, and 7: If available, choose the options between Quick Repair or Online Repair and then click on Repair. It’s noteworthy that Quick Repair only repairs the corrupted files, while Online Repair can fix everything.

Or you can simply select Repair and click on Continue.

Method 3: Uninstall and Reinstall MS Office

If the above two methods fail to mend your Office issues, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the program.

Step 1: Uninstalling Office

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  • You can get an Uninstall Tool on Microsoft’s website with the direct link to download it. You need to download the tool, open it and follow instructions to uninstall Office.
  • In case Uninstall Tool doesn’t work, you can manually complete the uninstallation process of your Office product.

Step 2: Restarting your PC

On using Microsoft’s Uninstall Tool, it will reopen by default on your system on restarting your PC to complete uninstall.

Step 3: Reinstalling Office

Uninstall MS Office.png

Once uninstalling your Office, you can now freshly install it back on your PC.

Introducing Facebook’s new fantasy sports-like prediction games
Facebook app.png

Facebook had rolled out its bunch of Fantasy Games in the US and Canada on September 1st. The games will be available for the users using the Facebook app on iOS as well as Androids. These are somewhat like sports prediction games, available for the users for free. Alongside free games, the fans will be able to enjoy sports, TV shows and pop culture content.

With the addition of a plethora of games, the first one is called Pick & Play Sports. It is a sports prediction game developed in collaboration with Whistle Sports. The game pre-existed in the iOS app and now has been acquainted with Android devices.

Notably, Facebook is all set to release games for some of the TV shows such as The Bachelorette and Survivor, sports leagues like Major League Baseball, and one made with BuzzFeed. In spite of existing public leaderboards, the players can create their own leagues when looking forward to competing with some of the groups.

Available with lots of exciting features, the games don’t appear to have any option of putting the real money for any online transaction. Facebook has just stepped into the league with enormous fantasy sports entities such as Draftkings and ESPN, and similar to these entities the Facebook may bring the feature of the online transaction to its brand-new sports prediction games.

With the advancement in its features every single day, Facebook is also expanding its horizon in the gaming zone to increase the number of users using the services. Earlier in July, Facebook launched a gaming service to allow iOS users to use it to play games. Additionally, the Twitch-like streaming service called Facebook Gaming has also been added to the app. These newly set out prediction games are certain to boost up the number of users using the app. However, the online transaction feature is yet to be included which will certainly double the amusement of getting involved in the games.

Galaxy Note 20, Z Flip -5G’s new Colors

Important Highlights –

  • Samsung’s Note 20 and Z Flip 5G are getting new colors
  • The colors are coming in the US at first
  • These colors are in fresh tones of red and white
  • Prices won’t be changed for these two.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 5G and Z Flip 5G are now available in a couple of new tones starting in the US, reported the company. The Z Flip 5G is available in white, and the Note 20 5G will be available in red. However, these colors are being built up in restricted amounts, says Samsung, and there’s no distinction in pricing and specs between these and the first models.

For those following tracks, these are the third and fourth tones for the Z Flip 5G and the Note 20 5G, respectively. While the Z Flip 5G is available in gray and copper, and the Note 20 5G is right now available in green, copper, and gray.

Although they are not getting some new colors, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G version is also available in black and white, while the Z Flip’s 4G version comes in Gold, Purple, and black.

The color of the new Note 20 has been declared as rumors continue to swirl that the reach may be suspended one year from now. A couple of regarded leakers have shown that one year from now probably won’t see the arrival of another Note setup, and a week ago, a report from South Korean source AjuNews asserted that Samsung plans to stop the range.

Well, if you’re a fan of the Note’s S Pen, however. Reports suggest that Samsung plans to add support to the successor to the Galaxy S20 Ultra for the stylus. The company says the new colors for the Z Flip 5G and Note 20 5G are available to order from Samsung’s online store has started.

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Google and Disney’s Mandalorian AR experience

Both companies are teaming up for this experience. 

For a new AR experience, Google and Disney have collaborated, featuring The Mandalorian, where Baby Yoda is also included. The interaction of Players and the AR characters can be easily, and using the app for sharing scenes can also be captured. As per a blog post by the head of creative and AR partnerships at Google, Matthieu Lorrain, the Mandalorian AR experience keeps you in the shoes of a bounty hunter following the path of Mando himself, The Child, and Din Djarin.

Google has worked and collaborated with Lucasfilm and Disney to create animations and models dependent on the first season of the hit Disney Plus show. On a weekly basis, New episodes of the experience will be released to the application, however, so it’s probably Season 2 will before long be part of the experience.

One big caveat: while you don’t need a 5G connection to use the app, The Mandalorian AR experience on viable 5G Android devices is supported that have the AR feature’s Google Play Services. Google stated that soon, it might come to some other Android devices.

The application is based on ARCore, Google’s developer platform for creating expanded reality experiences, and included its ARCore Depth API. This API enables occlusion when in any scene, other real objects blocked an AR object – helpful in case the Mandalorian jetpacks in and your cat walks around the scene.

It’s not the only time when Google has made a Star Wars-themed AR experience. Back in 2017, for Pixel 2, Google presented AR Stickers, which included stormtroopers BB-8, R2-D2, and porgs.

From the Google Play Store, one can download The Mandalorian AR Experience without paying anything.

Author Bio : Lewis Will is a self-professed security expert, He is expertise in making people aware of the security threats. His Passion is to write about cryptography, malware,Cyber security, social engineering, internet. He writes for microsoft office products

Google’s end-to-end encryption for Android messages

Important highlights –

  • Google is testing a new feature for Android messages
  • It will be coming end-to-end encryption for Android texts
  • On other chat platforms, it has become a privacy standard

Google recently said that it would add a significant protection feature to its Android messaging application to make texting safer. The search giant is testing end-to-end encryption, which protects messages as the content is sent starting with one phone then to another so they can’t be perused by Google or other outsiders or third party.

Last year, once Google released the RSC, however, end-to-end encryption was notably absent. The feature has become a security standard in tec messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Apple’s iMessage, and Messenger from Facebook. At this point, Google called it a genuinely complicated topic and stated that there are technical complexities.

A year ago, Google redid text messaging on Android telephones, adding present-day features like typing indicators and read receipts. The update was made conceivable by a technology named or Rich Communication Services or, in short, RCS, intended to replace SMS, a robust, however, drained convention that is over 25 years of age. Google on Thursday said it’s finished its rollout of RCS universally.

This month, Google will start testing the privacy feature and keep rolling it out one year from now. Now Google is gradually carrying the feature to its Android Messages app. It will not be available for group threads but, at first, only be available in one-on-one chats. On phones, if both users have enabled RCS features, then automatically, end-to-end encryption will be turned on.

For Google’s overall business, Android’s services strength is important as the operating system serves as the gateway to the other services of the company, such as maps and search, and more. The end-to-end encryption launch is a significant expansion to messaging on Android that is the planet’s most popular mobile operating system. Around nine out of each 10 smartphones are dispatched to run on the software. 

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Play Destiny 2 with Google-Stadia

Important Highlights –

  • You can play Destiny 2 anywhere
  • With Google Stadia, it can be played for free
  • Google Stadia is starting on November 19th

Details –

A year ago, three different ways were charged by Google Stadia so that one could attempt its new cloud gaming service, which was –

  • Pay $10 a month for the service
  • You need to purchase $130 worth of hardware
  • Purchase a good number of its games.

However, now November 19th, on the day of Stadia’s anniversary, Google will let users play Destiny 2 free. It can be considered as the single-biggest test for Stadia until now.

Suppose you’re not paying $10 every month for the Stadia Pro level. In that case, you’ll be restricted to “1080p” goal, which didn’t contrast nicely with the experience you’d on an Xbox One, considerably less a gaming PC, in my underlying audit. (The looked in a way that is better than Stadia’s “4K” mode.)

Destiny 2 is already a free-to-play game on consoles and Windows PCs, and so unlike Google is distributing free duplicates of a full-priced game. In case you get contributed, you’ll require to purchase the expansions yourself. You won’t have the option to play on different platforms with your friends since Stadia’s Destiny 2 duplicate copy doesn’t support cross-stage multiplayer.

In case you’re not paying $10 every month for the Stadia Pro level, you’ll be restricted to “1080p” resolution that didn’t compare well with the experience you’d get with Xbox One and considerably less a gaming PC. The Xbox One X experience is comparatively better than the 4K mode of Stadia.

If you take a look at the flip side—it’s the first genuine approach to check whether Stadia works for you without paying any cost at all. Students can play it on an Android, in their web browser, or on Chromebooks. Even if you have a PC or a game console, you can pick up and start playing the game on any laptop in another room without the hardware move.

Nvidia’s GeForce has offered free-to-play games with limited one-hour sessions (until you complete Subscription payment). However, one-hour trials was a big deal that the company is taking care of everything for you to attempt cloud gaming for nothing. Google said that there aren’t any restrictions on session timing with playing Destiny 2 for free. Meanwhile, Google offered an unlimited free monthly plan for Stadia. Also, Luna from Amazon doesn’t offer a free-to-play option either.

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Lenovo’s Smart Clock Essential

There are so many devices available in the market that you can use as a voice-controlled alarm clock. Speakers like Google’s Nest Mini, Amazon’s Echo Dot, Apple’s new HomePod mini are popular. Others like the Echo Show 5, Google’s Nest Hub, or Lenovo Smart Clock are fully-featured devices, which can play video, show camera feeds, and more.

Pros & Cons of Smart Clock Essential of Lenovo – 

Good Stuff

  • Displays time, current alarms, weather conditions
  • Use less storage
  • Google Assistant capabilities
  • take up a lot of space
  • Not too much expensive

Bad Stuff

  • The sound isn’t significant enough
  • Tap-to-snooze is unreliable
  • Nightlight feature isn’t convenient

The most recent participant in this space is the $49.95 Smart Clock Essential. It’s Google Assistant voice-controlled smart speaker with a simple, black-and-white segmented LED display. The brightness of the display will automatically adjust depending on the room’s light, so it won’t make you blind in the middle of the night. Though it’s not a touchscreen, doesn’t show video or photos, you also won’t be able to monitor camera feeds. You can connect it to1980s old-school LED clock radio.

That mix of thoughts persists into the Smart Clock Essential’s looks. On its back, a USB-A port is available to charge a smartwatch or phone and a switch is also there to stop microphones from listening. The wedge-shaped device’s top has four buttons that manage volume, pause / play, and alarms. The black background containing the white numbers makes it resemble a typical, primary alarm clock from the front. Peer closer, and you can see two little holes for the holes that get your voice orders. A standard alarm beep will be played or just command “STOP” when the alarm will drop itFor snoozing the alarm, you can tap on the clock’s top two times.

The device back also has an LED ring that’s a unique feature to be a nightlight of sorts. The gray fabric is wrapping the sides of the Smart Clock Essential that is in trend with smart speakers in a few past years. You can adjust the LED brightness with voice commands; however, it will automatically adjust by sensing the room light. Though, in almost all the smart speaker alarm clock, there’s no backup battery, and so if the power isn’t there the whole night, and the alarm clock has lost the power, then it won’t beep in the morning.

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Lewis Will is a self-professed security expert, He is expertise in making people aware of the security threats. His Passion is to write about cryptography, malware,Cyber security, social engineering, internet. He writes for microsoft office products

$1bn-address with Silk-Road links being transferred

Nearly $1bn (£772m) in Bitcoin connected to the famous Silk Road site is being moved, analysts say. The US government shut down the Silk Road in 2013. The Silk Road was an online black market, offering everything from stolen credit card information to drugs and murderers for- hire.

It’s not clear whether the owner of Silk Road is making these transaction or hackers are doing this. A Report from Blockchain trackers Elliptic and Ciphertrace said that almost 69,370 bitcoins were from an account believed to begin from the Silk Road.

According to website BitInfoCharts, this online wallet the fourth-richest Bitcoin address over the world.

Who’s responsible?

Either to cash in the funds or to protect them, the money could be moving by criminals with access to the wallet if hackers undermined the real account. However, either through a hack or with the cooperation of a criminal with access to the wallet, law requirement agencies may also have access to the account.  

Ross Ulbricht, Silk Road creator, is currently carrying out two life punishments in prison after being found guilty of computer hacking, money laundering, and conspiracy to traffic opiates.

Bitcoin in 2015 seized from an alternate wallet related with Silk Road was sold at closeout by the US government. Co-founder of Blockchain analysts Elliptic, Dr Tom Robinson detailed the findings and said the account since 2015 had been dormant. He said that Blockchain analytics shows that these funds began from a wallet connected to the Silk Road in 2012.

Moving funds

In a post on Elliptic’s site, Dr Robinson wrote that these bitcoins’ movements might speak to Ulbricht or a Silk Road seller moving their funds. However, it appears to be far-fetched that Ulbricht would have the option to direct a Bitcoin transaction from prison.

In a report of Blockchain analysts, Ciphertrace said that there is some theory that hackers might have broken the wallet. These movements might imply that the wallet owner is moving assets to new addresses to prevent hackers from getting to the wallet.dat record, or that hackers have just cracked the document.

Bitcoin costs have been increasing to their most elevated levels since January 2018, selling above $13,000 (£10,044) since Friday.

Lewis Will is a self-professed security expert, He is expertise in making people aware of the security threats. His Passion is to write about cryptography, malware,Cyber security, social engineering, internet. He writes for microsoft office products

Lower AT&T bill with mix-and-match wireless-plans
E:\office work\other blogs\29-9-2020\61.jpg

Other than Verizon, in case you’re with any major US mobile phone carrier then you’ll realize you were unable to mix and match your mobile phone plans between various lines on the account. AT&T is finally permitting users beginning today to mix and match that unlimited plan they pick and conceivably save some money on their bill of the mobile phone every month, with a program it’s considering Unlimited Your Way.

For instance, in case your parents were searching previously for more bundled subscription to HBO Max and hotspot data, they would almost certainly have picked the Unlimited Elite plan, and pay $200 per month or $50 each for four lines for a four family. Those parents with mix and match can put two children on the less expensive Unlimited Starter plan and can pick an Unlimited Elite plan for them, saving $30 each month on their phone bill. 

While comparable, the plans contrast depending upon for your phone, what nature of streaming is available, and how much premium data you need, with just you can Elite stream HD video.

There are three unlimited wireless plans as, Unlimited Starter, Unlimited Extra, and Unlimited Elite, these continue as before as a year ago, including the amount they cost, as should be obvious from the charts. If the network and your mobile phone are compatible, then every offer provides unlimited text, unlimited talk, and 5G access.  

E:\office work\other blogs\29-9-2020\6.jpg

Presently Verizon and AT&T both offer mix and match plans however odd one out is T-Mobile. but, even though it doesn’t have a same or matching program, in case users need more data, then Magenta Plus and Magenta users can pay for PlusUp. It means the user will get 20GB of data and$10 a month for Magenta Plus plans or at an additional $15 a month, unlimited HD streaming for Magenta plans. From today, you can go for AT&T’s Unlimited as it is beginning from today. 

Lewis Will is a self-professed security expert, He is expertise in making people aware of the security threats. His Passion is to write about cryptography, malware,Cyber security, social engineering, internet. He writes for microsoft office products